Jedeye Baldrick of Manitou

(Alaskan's Nicholas of Anadyr x Northomes Maggie)

Baldy born April of 2001 was a fast dependable race leader. Baldy is a super dog who seems to be able to do everything.  He is a very dependable race leader and has great work ethic and movement.  He is a good eater and has awesome feet.  During the 2008 Iditarod, another of Blake's leaders "Trouble" was in standing heat during the final days of the race.  Baldy was the only male leader on the team with the focus, drive, and obedience that would run beside her in lead and continue guiding the team despite the tempting distraction running beside him!  What a good boy.

Now he spends his time in retirement with his brother Trekkie!

Races Completed: 2004 Beargrease 150, 2005 Yukon Quest, 2006 Beargrease Marathon, 2006 UP 200, 2006 CanAm 250, 2007 UP200, 2008 Iditarod, 2009 Beargease Marathon, 2009 Can-AM 250, 2010 Iditarod

Offspring: 4 pups with Karhu July 2009: Spruce, Fern, Ivy, and Hickory