March 8, 2013
John Beargrease Sled Dog Race

Blake, Jen and Thea are all headed down to Duluth to participate in the Beargrease sled dog race tomorrow. Here are their teams and who is running what class!

Blake is running the Marathon 400 with Slug, Bluelou, Spruce, Malcom, Jazz, Jake Gorf, Grizz, Racket, Hopper, Kermit, Jeremiah, Atilla and Woody!

Jen is running the BG 150 with Taku Frog, Urbana, Frosty, Mudball, Ada, Grit, and Vera!

Thea is running the BG 150 too with Violet, Mothra, Nastia, Champagne, Sandy, Wilbur, Newton, and Orville!


Lets all wish them luck for the race tomorrow!!!!!