Nokita Bodo Of Jedeye

Nokken av Vargevass


Kermit av Vargevass

Yesopac's El Diablo

Ylya av Vargevass

Letka av Vargevass

Ash Of Markovo

Dakota av Vargevass

Finnemarka's Hippu

Kawak av Skalholten

Artic Trail Graattass

Finnemarka's Pirik

Igloo Pak's Daisy

Igloo Pak's Clyde

Igloo Pak's Beech

Nokita Grommit of Jedeye

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Igloo Pak's Bear

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Lokiboden's Tango

Bain's Northern Xex-tra

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Tshabet's Dutchman

Midnight's Sunspeckle

Tshabet's Tenuous

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Kateena's Ben-Dova Of Yeso Pac

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Muffin But Trouble Of Jedeye

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Alaskan's Sergei Of Anadyr

Alaskan's Blackjack of Anadyr

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Alaskan's Ava Of Anadyr

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Shjegge Mann's Fawn

Shjegge Mann's Wolf

Shjegge Mann's Willow

Chime born in 2009 is a medium sized female with good substance and power.  She is very dependable and can lead well. She is easy to have in the team and gets along well with others.  Chime, like most Bodo offspring, love water and playing fetch.

Races Completed:

Siblings: Jazz and Racket

Offspring: 7 Pups with Malcom; Ringo, Axle, Cash, Janis, and Ella

Jedeye Chime Of Manitou