Jedeye Fiona of Manitou

(Alaskan's Nikolaos x Kodiak's Kandle)

Fiona was born April 6, 1999. Fiona was a great race leader, and like both parents, she set a steady, fast pace and was very responsive.  She led many races including the winning 2004 Beargrease Marathon team and the 2005 Yukon Quest team.  She led  the Beargrease 150 teams in 2009 and 2010 at nearly 11 years old. She always liked to climb right into your lap if you are sitting on the ground. Otherwise she rubs against your legs for cuddles. She was a perfect dog - wonderful to live with, calm, quiet, but an incredible leader with exceptional drive and speed.  We would love a whole kennel of Fionas!

Fiona has produced four litters:

  1.   2005 with Gonzo (Fiona had been bred to Naoki but Gonzo chewed through his neckline and tugline on a camping trip prior to the Yukon Quest and also bred Fiona - Gonzo won, Naoki lost.  The infamous Frog is Fiona's son!)
  2.   2005 with Bluie (Einstein, Elina, Mari, Toby)
  3.   2006 with Trekkie (Rocket, Kracker, Nic, Yoda, and Avery)
  4.   2008 with Deuce (Woody,  Doc, Champaigne, Urbana, and Mattie)

Fiona had four sons finish the Iditarod with Blake in 2010.