Jedeye Larry of Manitou

Larry is a very hardworking, fun dog. He loves to please people and has a big lovable goofy side. Larry was born to Frosty and Axl in October 2018. The 3 boys in that litter got there names not even an hour after they where born, and since then have lived up to the names of The Three Stooges.


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Larry and his brother, Curly

Jedeye Axl of Manitou 

Shjegge Mann's Malcom Shjegge Mann's Coal Shjegge Mann's Weazel Shjegge Mann's Clyde
Shjegge Mann's Emerald
Shjegge Mann's Kersey Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr
Kerby's Holly of Snowy River
Shjegge Mann's Peggy Sue Shjegge Mann's Zeke Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr
Kerby's Ivy of Snowy River
Shjegge Mann's Jenny Shjegge Mann's Blizten
Shjegge Mann's Bashful
Jedeye Chime of Manitou No Kita Bodo of Jedeye Nokken av Vargevass Spassky
Finnemarka's Hippu
No Kita Grommet of Jedeye Wolfpak Teddy Bear
Tshabet's Louise
Muffin But Trouble of Jedeye Alaskan's Nicholas of Anadyr Alaskan's Sergei of Anadyr
Alaskan's Lippy of Anadyr
Shjegge Mann's Jordan Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr
Kerby's Holly of Snowy River
Arktisk Frosty of Manitou

Sverre av Vargevass Grubian av Vargevass Alaskan's Ping Ping of Anadyr Alaskan's Snowstorm of Anadyr
Alaskan's Mandy of Anadyr
Tellervo av Vargevass Kermit av Vargevass
Finnemarka's Hippu
Libby av Vargevass Ukko av Vargevass Spassky
Tellero av Vargevass
Evita Houston av Vargevass
Arktisk Storm Diva Isslottet's Zeb Isslottet's Biggen Isslottet's Caro
Isslottet's Ninni
Isslottet's Beauty II Isslottet's Caro
Isslottet's Ninni
Vindsnabbe's Dixie Vindsnabbe's Patriot Baugi
Skyfri av Seppalaska
Vindsnabbe's Frigga Mimer
Skyfri av Seppalaska