Orville born March 2011 is a really good dog. He is a hard driving leader with a great appetite. He is a sweet boy with a beautiful build!

Races Completed: 2014 Beargrease 400, 2014 Voyager Classic, 2015 Gunflint Mail Rum, 2015 Beargrease Marathon, 2015 Wolf Track 65 Miler, 2015 Hudson Bay Quest, 2016 Gunflint Mail Run 70 Miler,  2016 Beargrease 400 Miler, 2016 UP Midnight Run, 2016 Wolf Track Classic 50 Miler, 2017 Gunflint Mail Run, 2017 Beargease 150, 2017 Up 200

Siblings: Ada, Vera, and Wilbur

Offspring: Jan 2015 7 pups with Janis




Jedeye Einstein Of Manitou

Cadfael of Jedeye

Moonshadow Chero of Jedeye

Moonshadow Biko of Jedeye

Northome's Lefty

Turick Minto Of Jedeye

Kodiak's Kandle

Komet's Timber of Kodiak

Alaskan's Pearl of Anadyr

Alaskan's Soldotna of Anadyr

Alaskan’s Solo Of Anadyr

Towman's Yakutat

Alaskan’s Chanu Of Anadyr II

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Fiona Of Jedeye

Alaskan’s Nicholas Of Anadyr

Alaskan's Sergei of Anadyr

Alaskan's Blackjack of Anadyr

Alaskan’s Gray Mouse Of Anadyr

Alaskan’s Lippy Of Anadyr

Alaskan’s Tokon Of Anadyr II

Alaskan's Chenaga Of Anadyr

Kodiak's Kandle

Komet's Timber of Kodiak

Kirkemo's TeeBee

Tenaya of Tanglewood

Alaskan’s Pearl Of Anadyr

Alaskan’s Jafet Of Anadyr II

Alaskan’s Klondy Of Anadyr

Jedeye Karhu Of Manitou

Naoki of Jedeye

Moonshadow Biko Of Jedeye

Northome's Lefty

Northome's Sonny Liston

Northome's Pepper

Turick Minto Of Jedeye

Zeb-Kev's Feet Of Evergreen

Westward Mtn Mist Of Turick

Northomes Maggie

Northomes Yankee

Northome's Lefty

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Northomes Whitby

Northomes Chancey of Anadyr

Northomes Salt

Shjegge Mann's Bell

Shjegge Mann's Weazel

Shjegge Mann's Clyde

Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr

Kerby's Holly of Snowy River

Shjegge Mann's Emerald

Shjegge Mann's Blitzen

Shjegge Mann's Bashful

Shjegge Mann's Kersey

Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr

Alaskan's Tokon of Anadyr II

Alaskan's Chenaga Of Anadyr

Kerby's Holly Of Snowy River

Shjegge Mann's Blitzen

Shjegge Mann's Fawn

Jedeye Orville Of Manitou