Jedeye Skoll of Manitou

Skoll is another awesome offspring of Frosty x Grit born Nov 2014. He does well anywhere in the team including lead. He has a great coat, solid feet, and the same hard driving work ethic of his siblings along with a fun playful personality. Skoll is the only one from the litter that is standoffish to some new people at first, but like his mother, once he gets to know them he is a real sweet dog. 

Races Completed:
2023 - Beargrease Marathon 400, Wolftrack 26, Copperdog 150
2022 - Beargrease Marathon 400, Wolftrack Classic, Copperdog
2021 - Beargrease Marathon 400
2020 - Beargrease Marathon 400, UP200, Wolftrack Classic
2019 - Can-Am 250, Beargrease Marathon 400 (2nd place), UP200, Gunflint 100
2017 - Beargrease Marathon 400, UP200, Gunflint Mail Run


- Skoll's Photo Gallery -
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Jedeye Grit of Manitou

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Arktisk Frosty of Manitou

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