Jedeye Trekkie of Manitou

(Alaskan's Nicholas of Anadyr x Northomes Maggie)

Trekkie born April of 2001 is also very focused and a natural in lead like his siblings.   He was a race leader from his very first race he ran. He is always such a joy to have in the kennel and on the team!

Races Completed: 2005 Solon Springs 8 dog, 2005 Beargrease Marathon, 2006 Beargrease 150, 2006 UP 200, 2006 Can-Am 250, 2007 UP 200, 2008 Beargrease Marathon, 2008 Iditarod finisher - Blake's team, 2009 Beargrease Marathon, 2009 Red River Dog Derby

Offspring: 6 pups with Fiona in 2006: Yoda, Nick, Scout, Avery, Rocket and Kracker