Jedeye's Muffin But Trouble

(Alaskan's Nicholas of Anadyr x Shjegge Mann's Jordan)

Trouble has certainly been one of MCK's best dogs.  She had extremely strong drive and was a great leader herself. Trouble was born September 14, 2000.  She is from a single puppy litter and her parents were both great race leaders. Trouble was on the winning 2004 Beargrease Marathon team and the 2005 Yukon Quest team and has lead many other Beargrease Marathons, UP 200, Can-Am 250, and other events.

In 2006, sired by Teddy, produced Genghis, Kahn, Hagar, Attilla, and Mothra
In 2008, sired by Bodo, produced Rackett, Chime, and Jazz.